Don't just take our word for it! Here's what other cattlemen are saying:

“ Working with KBMN, We receive more dollars for our cattle.”
Dennis Krowl
Mercer County
With KBMN, we received a uniform price for our cattle. We are preconditioning per the KBMN protocol. We use PBS vaccines and like the pricing. They answer our questions...
KBMN/UPI is the “Best thing to happen for us!” We are very happy.
We hope you’ll stay around.
Russ Tschudy
Tioga County
We received better pricing by working with KBMN. I know what I’m getting before the cattle leave the farm.
KBMN has made it easy and treated us well.
KBMN is helping PA farmers.
Joby McDowell
Lawrence County
The KBMN representative visited. He said he could bring in higher bids. It sounded too good to be true; but he did it and he has repeated it.
We have always vaccinated our calves, but KBMN got us on a better pre-conditioning program — the buyers appreciate that.
I attended one of the KBMN producer meetings last year. We learned a lot about vaccinations, nutrition and opportunities in Natural Beef!
We are introducing KBMN to other ranchers!
“ KBMN is helping Pennsylvania Farmers and Ranchers!” Cattlemen Serving Cattlemen!