Cattle Preconditioning

KBMN will market a rancher’s calves regardless of whether they are pre-conditioned. However, Preconditioning will enable ranchers to capture a premium price.


  • KBMN will assist you when developing a vaccination program.
  • For KBMN to market cattle as "Pre-conditioned", the pathogens listed below, must be covered by a vaccine regiment.
  • All vaccines, are not created equal, or proven effective. Currently, drug manufacturers are marketing vaccines which require only one application/shot.
  • Please call the KBMN representative to confirm that your planned regime will satisfy the KBMN preconditioning protocol.
  • Discounts are available when certain criteria are met. Producers can receive up to a 10% discount when ordering their vaccines through PBS Animal Health.

Preconditioning Protocol

Specification Priority Recommendation
Tight calving season Recommended Contemporary groups within 50#
Dehorn Optional Polled Bulls help eliminate the need.
Break to Bunk Feeder Required One month before shipping
Break to Water Trough Required One month before shipping
Castrate Bulls Required Before 5 months of age
Weaned Required Minimum 45 days. Across the fence is least stressful.
Vaccinations --- See notes above!
- Respiratory Required ** Primary Plus Booster (2X)
- Hoemophillus Somnus  Required ** Primary Plus Booster (2X)
- Clostridial Required ** Primary Plus Booster (2X)
- Pasturella Required ** Primary Plus Booster (2X)
- De-Worming  Required One time