About Us

How it started…

In 2010, a small group of Pennsylvania producers led the effort to establish Keystone Beef Marketing Network (KBMN), a non-profit entity, to coordinate efforts for enhancing beef producer profitability and to foster more competition for area feeder cattle.

To maximize resources, KBMN established a relationship with United Producers Inc. (UPI), a long-standing farmer-owned and operated cooperative. KBMN and UPI work together to leverage UPI’s resources and services.

KBMN is managed by Cattlemen who own and operate cattle farms/ranches.


The Board of Directors are 100% volunteers; uncompensated and donating their time to help their fellow cattlemen.

KBMN receives no monetary or other assistance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

What we can do for you…

Livestock Marketing

KBMN and UPI help cattle producers in Pennsylvania take advantage of innovative and exciting cattle marketing opportunities and related services. Livestock marketing solutions include the following:

  • You can consult with KBMN/UPI field representatives to evaluate the “BEST WAY” to market your herd.
  • You can receive a quote for your cattle before they leave the farm.
  • You can participate in “Board Sales”.
  • You can co-mingle your cattle with other consignors to form a contemporary grouping and receive higher bids.
  • You can learn “Best Practices” associated with a published preconditioning protocol. Receive discounts on vaccines.
  • You can utilize farm-to-farm and producer-to-packer direct movement of your cattle.
  • You can participate in educational seminars and producer meetings.
Credit Services — Loans and Lines of Credit

KBMN and UPI also provide competitive financing programs and services including both fixed and variable loan rates. Short-term loans are available for livestock, general farm operating expenses, crop inputs and revolving lines of credit. Producers that are expanding their operation, adding buildings, buying equipment or purchasing real estate may also qualify for intermediate and long-term loans. Producers with livestock marketing agreements with UPI receive discounted loan rates.

Livestock, Energy and Input/Feed Risk Management

KBMN and UPI can also provide livestock, energy and input/feed risk management services. These services help producers protect themselves against significant price changes in volatile markets and may allow producers to operate on fairly predictable margins. The services offered include futures/hedging agreements, packer contracts and retail brokerage services. UPI makes margin calls on the producer’s behalf for some livestock services. UPI also offers the flexibility for producers to use these services with much smaller volumes than what is available through commodity exchanges.