In 2010, a small group of Pennsylvania producers led the effort to establish Keystone Beef Marketing Network (KBMN), a non-profit entity, to coordinate efforts for enhancing beef producer profitability and to foster more competition for area feeder cattle.

Who we are.

  • Non-profit entity established and managed by Pennsylvania Cattlemen.
  • A strategic marketing partner of United Producers, Inc. which handles three million head of livestock annually and serves 35,000+ members

Why is the KBMN Important?

  • KBMN provides services which enable cattlemen to receive more income from the sale of their cattle.
  • KBMN fosters competition for Pennsylvania cattle.
  • KBMN assists producers to improve their operations through educational seminars and face to face visits to the farm.

There is a Difference…

KBMN Provides Cattlemen with Marketing Options

KBMN was created by cattlemen for cattlemen. Our sole purpose for existing is to help farmers and ranchers earn more dollars from their cattle. We are not asking for, nor interested in receiving member dues. Our Board of Directors are “all cattlemen” serving 100% as volunteers.

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